We Thank Our Supporters 
for Sharing the Vision of 
The Friendship Circle 

The Friendship Circle® would like to thank a few very special donors, whose support truly made this possible:  

The Gary & Andrea Delman Family Foundation, Fred & Judith Fleischer Trust, Kathryn Gallon & Jack Gallon OBM, The Paul Goldner Family, Dan & Robin Klein Family, Matt & Jill Kripke Family, The Leizerman Foundation, Barry & Linda Liber Family, Corey & Abby Liber Family, Scott & Cindy Liber Family, Dr. Steven Rubin & Joanne Rubin, OBM, Dr. David K. Scheer , David S. Stone Communal Needs Fund , Fred & Julie Treuhaft Family, Joseph Wasserstrom Family Supporting Organization.  

Together, we are performing miracles.

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To find out how to become a Friendship Circle Donor,
contact Mushka Matusof at 419.509.0105