Our Mission Statement

To share the beauty of Jewish traditions while fostering Jewish pride, emotional intelligence, critical thinking and respect for oneself and others.


Our Staff

Teaching is a mission, a valued and time-honored Jewish tradition. The adults in our school – the teachers, administrators, substitutes and volunteers, recognize that they are role models, and that being around impressionable children is a privilege and responsibility.
While each of our teachers has a unique talent box, they share their view of children as innately competent beings, able to master
self-regulation and to build their own knowledge. They create classroom communities where each child’s voice is honored.

In Hebrew, the term for scholar is “Talmid Chacham” – a wise student! We are committed to strengthening and enriching our
knowledge of young children by listening carefully to them, and by continuing our own education.

The teacher-to-child ratio at Gan Yeladim Preschool is lower than state requirements and equal to the highest level of preschool accreditation nationwide.


Our Facilities

The indoors:

There is extensive research that examines the effect of the classroom space on students’ learning processes. In Reggio language, the physical environment is referred to as The Third Teacher, as it has the capacity to engage the child as if it were a live teacher.

An effective environment supports children's interaction with space, materials and people. When the environment is designed properly, children have the freedom to move about safely while sampling a variety of curriculum activities with little intervention required by caregivers. Adults can then concentrate on developing activities, observing children, and meeting their individual needs. Effective environments help children feel invited and welcome to explore and learn.

In order to create these spaces, our teachers devote a lot of time and thought into creating positive learning environments at the beginning of each school year.

The outdoors:

Our outdoor classroom is an extension to our indoor classroom. Our children spend quality time outdoors nearly every day. Children’s experiences outside in nature, support all domains of learning and development. Outdoors provides opportunities to explore, experiment, manipulate, influence, change, marvel, discover, practice, push limits, risk taking, yell, sing and create. Our outdoor classroom continues to evolve and grow with the needs and interests of our children and teachers. Some of our favorite childhood memories are outdoor activities. This is no accident.