Because Mezuzahs must be made according to very exact laws and specifications, only an expert can determine if a Mezuzah is kosher.

Some basics: The Mezuzah must be hand-written by a competent scribe on specially prepared parchment with the specific types of quill and ink mandated by tradition.

A Mezuzah should be examined by a reliable scribe, at least twice every seven years - once every three and a half years. Temperature and weather changes, as well as age, may cause the ink to fade and crack, thereby invalidating the Mezuzah.

Fill out the form below to arrange Mezuzah drop-off and we will send them to be checked by a Sofer – a Scribe. Afterwards, we will re-affix them to their original place/s free of charge. ($6 charge per Mezuzah for the scribe.)

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