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With tremendous appreciation to Almighty G-d, and with the support of the Lenny Rosenberg Endowment Fund, we are proud to introduce 'Lenny Cares', Toledo's newest Jewish adult community network. Just like Lenny OBM himself saw things, at Lenny Cares, every Jew is relevant and plays a leading role in shaping Toledo's Jewish life. From leadership and volunteer opportunities, to unifying events and help with accessing social services, Lenny Cares aims to empower, engage, and connect all Jewish adults and seniors.

Headed by Rabbi Dov Ber & Mrs. Rivka Fridman, Lenny Cares endeavors to empower our lay leaders, help those in need, and stand as partners and friends to the Jewish adult community. The Fridmans will provide engaging adult-centered learning experiences, meaningful holiday events, and uplifting Jewish enrichment opportunities.